Our Story

Services and history

Mara Development Organization (MADEO) is a Non-Governmental organization registered under The Tanzania Non-Governmental Organization Act, no 24, and given Registration number ooNGO/R/2454 to operate in Tanzania Mainland. MADEO started its operation on October 2021.

People and culture

MADEO was established because of Gender inequality and climate change problems facing Tanzania that affect the lives, health, and wellbeing of women, girls, boys, and men and poor production in agriculture, worsening of public health, and loss of biodiversity respectively, which result to low economic development to communities. The head office is based at Nguku Street, Nyandoto Ward, Tarime District, Mara Region.

Pantaleo Ernest Oyoo

Executive Director

Wilbard Simon Makoko

Program Manager

Happiness Wazamwe Gabriel

Monitoring Evaluation and learning officer

Nuru Anthony Outa

Public Relation Officer

Judith Fortunatus Pamba

Development Coordinator

Judith David Mhando

Assistant Public Relation Officer

Lucas Samson John